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Firstly, don’t get too hung up if the water you want to stock seems a long way from Shropshire. We are, in fact, pretty much central to the whole country.

Every year we hear tales of woe from customers who have bought fish from their local supplier even though they knew him to be a complete idiot and the fish he had for sale were inferior but the decision was made not to order from us because of concern about the distance we would have to transport their fish. Please Stop Worrying! For most folk, moving a few fish an hour down the road is a big deal but successfully delivering fish from our farm in the Midlands to fisheries from Cornwall to Scotland is what we have been doing for the last twenty years. It is no big deal.

Delivery is on our own transport which comprises four wheel drive trucks and large trailers fitted with as big a tanks as we can physically fit to ensure that your fish arrive healthy and happy. All tanks are served with both oxygen and air systems.

With ever increasing fuel, insurance, labour, tax and maintenance rates, the real cost of sending a truck out on delivery is becoming a very significant cost. We reckon that it costs almost £200 to send the vehicle out for a full days delivery (please don't read this as a whinge, it is just a fact of life!). Whilst the accountant says we should pass the whole cost of that on to you, we won't but we do ask for a contribution as follows.

Delivery Distance From Telford, Shropshire.

Up to 30 miles from Telford £45
From 30 miles to 100 miles £65
From 100 miles to 200 miles £85
From 200-300 miles £100

From orders of £2500 plus excluding VAT, delivery is free of charge.


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